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About tarifa

Tarifa is the most southern point of continental Europe. It is a charming town located at a unique crossroad between two oceans and two continents

Tarifa is situated at national park Del Estrecho, which has helped to preserve the area. You are surrounded by nature and beauty and not enclosed inside a concrete jungle. 




With more than 300 windy days per year, Tarifa has established itself as one of the top destinations for waterspouts in Europe. Kiteboarding, Surf, Standup Paddle, Windsurf, Surfski, Kayak, Body Boarding, Swimming, is all happening in Tarifa. ​


According to Windfinder's statistics taken from measured data at their weather station based at Tarifa Port you stand on average 76% chance to experience wind equal or more than level 4 Bauford (11 - 15 knots or 20 - 28 kph).

More than 50% of the time the wind blows from the East, Levante, which means it is going in offshore direction at Los Lances beach. 

Tide and currents

Did you know that every day in Tarifa the tidal movement generates current flow reaching speed up to 5 knots or 9 - 10 kph?


Before you consider swimming against that current keep in mind that 28 times Olympic swimming medalist Michael Phelps' top swimming speed is approximately 9 - 10 kph and that is at his top form without any surfing or kiting gear on him. 


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